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Deep Passion inside of her.

Chasing dreams away...

3 June 1990
Rachel Louise
18 years old. Welsh. Gemini. Brunette. Blue eyes. Small. Perfectionist. Dreamer. Animal lover. Linguist.

See my interests below :D

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alexia khadime, animal shows, animals, anthony dowell, ariel, ashley olsen, aussie soaps, badminton, ballet, ballroom, beaches, beauty and the beast, belle, biology, birthdays, black and white, books, carlos acosta, caroline keiff, cats, cavalier king charles spaniels, chandler bing, channel islands, chocolate, christianity, christmas, cinema, colin firth, cosette, courteney cox arquette, covent garden, culture, dalmatians, dancing, dancing on ice, darcey bussell, desperate housewives, dianne pilkington, dirt, drawing, dreaming, drinking tea, elphaba, eponine, europe, fan fiction, fandom, fiction, figure skating, fiyeraba, fiyero, flowers, frederick ashton, french, friends, galinda, gameshows, gelphie, gift shops, gossiping, grammar, gymnastics, harry potter, heidi, history, holidays, home and away, ice-skating, icons, idina menzel, interior design, jennifer aniston, johnny depp, jonathan cope, kate winslet, keira knightley, kenneth macmillan, kerry ellis, languages, latin, learning, les miserables, letters, linguistics, little women, london, love actually, makeover shows, mamma mia, matthew perry, memories, meryl streep, miyako yoshida, mondler, monica geller, movies, music, musical theatre, nala, nature, neighbours, new york, northern ballet, novels, nutcracker, obsessing, old photographs, oliver tompsett, painting, paris, pearl, pets, phone conversations, point horror, pointe shoes, reading, richmond park, royal ballet, royal opera house, seaside, sentimentalities, shopping, shows, simba, sims 2, souvenirs, spanish, starlight express, staying up late, strictly come dancing, sunbathing, sunsets, swan lake, tchaikovsky, tennis, texting, the lion king, the little mermaid, the nineties, the princess diaries, theatre, travelling, veterinary medicine, viva la diva, west end, wicked, wimbledon, writing, zenaida yanowsky, zoos